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A complete approach to improving your health

At The Wellness Zone we believe that true health consists of more than a good diet and body work. We believe that creating true health means taking responsibility for the way we experience life. We are proud to offer services that can help people handle each aspect of their being: mind, body, and spirit, to create true whole-being wellness.

In order to help the body, we offer Zone Therapy, which is an amazing and comprehensive treatment of the whole body through the feet. In order to enhance the effects of this therapy we offer light body work, energy work, Myo-Facial Release, Mineral Analysis and Skasys Therapy. These are all very effective tools for the body.

The Avatar Course offers tools for the mind and spirit, as well as the body. Both Matilda and Marie are Licensed Avatar Masters and are happy to offer their guidance on a course that offers extremely effective tools to navigate the dynamic aspects of our being.

  • Lymphatic Stimulation

  • Increased Blood Circulation

  • Hormone Balancing

  • Relief from pain and discomfort

  • Increased Mobility

Reported Benefits of Zone Therapy:
  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety

  • Regulation of the digestive system

  • Increased Immune Function

  • An overall sense of well-being

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