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Meet the Therapists

I believe that true health consists of treating all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. I love connecting with each of my clients and providing a safe and compassionate environment for their continued health and wellness. 

I became certified in Zone Therapy in 2008, however my love for this therapy began during my childhood when my parents welcomed Charles Ersdal MD (MA), founder of Zone Therapy, into our home to hold classes for certification. Both of my parents are Alternative Health Practitioners so I grew up experiencing and learning about many different alternative therapies, dietary methods, supplements, and holistic healing techniques.


Zone therapy is so dynamic and integrative that it continues to surprise me, as I find that its effectiveness goes beyond what I can anticipate in most cases. I feel very privileged to be able to help individuals on their path to wellness by administering a treatment that stimulates the body to rebuild and improve itself!  I have worked with people of all ages and I love connecting with each of my clients and providing a safe and compassionate environment for their continued health and wellness.

Matilda Ritsema
Certified Ersdal Zone Therapist
Licensed Avatar Master

I believe that in order to feel happy and healthy I must take responsibility for how I choose to live.
As a young woman I wanted to be a midwife, I started my studies of anatomy and physiology in my home country of Sweden. I Moved to America as a young woman and married. I did not work in the health field right away, because I was blessed with three wonderful children.


I trained and studied Myo-Fascial Release under John Barnes, an international physical therapist, teacher and speaker. I was happy to practice and help people with the techniques I had learned there. In 1984 I read an article about Zone Therapy and was fascinated and inspired to learn more. Sadly, I found out that the teaching was only available in Scandinavia. My children were too young and I did not believe I could manage the training at such a distance.


Six years later I received a phone call from a holistic doctor and friend that had learned about an upcoming seminar called Zone and he thought of me (I had never shared with him my fascination with the article). I was on my way to start my Zone journey. I love this unique and powerful treatment, I have enjoyed my work for twenty five years and been happy to witness many people's unique healing experiences.

I believe that living life in a most natural way, eating food that is fresh and vibrant and free of toxins is essential for my happiness. My love of nature, family and sharing time with friends brings joy and well-being to my body, mind and spirit.

Marie Agren
Certified Ersdal Zone Therapist
Myo-Facial Release Practitioner
Skasys Practitioner
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