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Testimonials from our Clients...

A wall painting, dated around 2330 B.C., found in the Tomb of Ankhmahor (the highest official under the king) at Saqqara in Egypt, also known as the Physicians tomb.

The translation reads...

From the patient; "Don't hurt me",

and from the Therapist;

"I shall act so you praise me."

"When I started zone I was struggling with tendinitis in my elbow along with wrist pain.  After one treatment it resolved and I have not had problems since."             MR


"I have found my Zone appointments to be very intriguing. It's what I look forward to and dread all at the same time every week, but in a good way! I amazed that the points she finds in my feet are or have been areas that I have been working on with nutrition and chiropractic. Since being in a car accident in November, I have been having issues with my low back stabilizing, overall soreness, and having muscles spasms to the point it is extremely uncomfortable to sit or stand.  It's as if I revert back to the night of the accident.  (With zone) my spine "points" are very sensitive (especially my low back and neck) to the point I want to pull my foot away. I have noticed I am able to go a little longer between appointments for chiropractic after working on these issues.  

I have some drainage issues with sinuses, but since starting Zone, my sinuses are STILL draining daily.

I am also coughing up phlegm on a daily basis as well. I am actually very EXCITED about this because

I know that it's all old infection and gunk that is finally leaving my body after suffering from strep a few times a month growing up and having bronchitis at least once a year. Every other treatment is different for me, so one treatment I am exhausted and want to sleep (my body wanting to heal) then the next treatment I am very energized. The last treatment I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of my sensitive points were no longer sensitive or were very minimal. I know this is working!"           CM

"Since my first session of zone, I think it is working on some really good things that have been going on in my body for several years now, things that my body hasn't allowed NRT to work on yet. My body has never really had the chance to function normally with my hormones and I believe that the zone therapy will/is working on that, which is really exciting for me. Each time I am finished with my sessions I feel rather hopeful and almost excited despite not really feeling significant/obvious physical differences yet.

I walk out of the room with some of my questions answered, another viewpoint/opinion on my situation/concerns, and some ideas of things I could try altering/adding/or removing from what I am currently doing for my health. Zone therapy sessions are something I look forward to each week! "    KS


"I have a history of systemic lupus.  This is an autoimmune disease that effects the immune system in a way that my body can not recognize the difference between "healthy" tissue and "non-healthy" tissue, so it starts to attack anything.  Originally when I was diagnosed in 1997, it affected my joints and skin.  I had a rash on my face, arthritis in my joints, I had boils on my skin from the sun, major fatigue and low energy.  Eventually the lupus attacked my kidneys (which is common in more aggressive forms of lupus).  At that time, I treated the symptoms and the disease with traditional medicine (anti-inflammatories, immuno-suppressants and chemotherapy).  Unfortunately, it controlled the symptoms but the disease was still very aggressive.   I later became a Chiropractor and learned about more natural ways of controlling the disease.  In 2004, after implementing Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Detoxing, Whole-food vitamins and Whole-food supplements,  my lupus went into remission and remained that way for 11+ years. 

In the fall of 2015, after two flights, my lupus nephritis flared again.  I was shocked after living such a healthy lifestyle. I was extremely fatigued, had joint pain and swelling and gained over 60+ pounds of fluid.  I tried over 25+ natural modalities/remedies/holistic doctors/etc., which helped slow down the disease.  I ended up going back to traditional medicine but still ended up in kidney failure.  I was in the hospital for 5 days and believe God performed a miracle in my body being the kidney function started to improve and I didn't need to do dialysis or need a transplant. 

I came across Zone Therapy after speaking with my holistic dentist, Dr. Fred, a few weeks after getting out of the hospital.  I truly feel this was a God-send as it has been one of the key therapies that has helped me regain health and kidney function.  After my first treatment from Marie, I lost 8 lbs of fluid in 3 days (which took me almost 3 weeks to lose after my hospital stay.) I continued with weekly treatments and each week my kidney function improved and I needed less medication.  After working with Matilda, I have continued to improve.  In fact, after one appointment, I lost 28 lbs in 5 days!  This was miraculous to me!  I had finally lost all of the water weight from the kidneys failing and was back to my normal weight! Before one session, I had a headache and after she finished my session, it was gone.  I have felt better and better after each session.  My energy is back, my kidney function is back to normal, my lupus is going into remission and I feel so much better!  I look forward to my Zone appointments each week.  I feel that it makes all the other therapies I am doing (Chiropractic, Nutrition, Acupuncture, etc.) much more effective! (Even Mayo clinic recognizes what a huge benefit I have received from Zone!)  

Thank you Marie and Matilda for helping me through Zone Therapy!"               MB

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